Individual Income Tax Return Information & Check List

Plenty Valley Taxation strives to give the very best to each client, tailoring their expertise to each individual client.
Tax Returns start at $115.50 and are fully tax deductible, Please find below an individual check list you can use as a guide on what to bring to your appointment.


Before your appointment with an accountant, it is important to bring along relevant information to ensure you get the best service possible. Below is a list of item that you should consider bring with you to your next appointment (only if applicable):

  • Payment summary/ Income Tax Statement
  • Bank Details - BSB & Account Number for refunds to go into (if paying on the day otherwise we will deduct the amount from your refund)
  • Centrelink statement for payments (Pensions, New Start, and Youth Allowance) *N.B: Centrelink no longer issues statements direct to tax agents. You can obtain necessary documents through your online account or from your Human Services Centre
  • Bank interest earned 
  • Trust, managed funds annual statements
  • Last year’s tax return or tax assessment from ATO (This only applies for NEW clients to Plenty Valley Taxation)
  • Any receipts for deductions of work related expenses
  • If have a partner or spouse, their assessable taxable income
  • Child support statements
  • Share information – dividend statements
  • If sold shares, need to bring purchase and sale details
  • Rental income – Real estate agent statements
  • Receipts for any investment property expenses (rates, insurance)
  • Interest on money borrowed to purchase investment property
  • If sold investment property, all records of purchase and sale
  • Private health fund letter

                                                            If you would like a printable PDF of this list, please email: